Can I come as a bow hunter?

We are fully rigged for various levels of bow hunting, with numerous amounts of scent free hides, as well as elevated blinds. We welcome all manner of bow hunting as part of the great african adventure to embark upon.  

Are there firearms available for my hunting safari?

Yes, we have several Firearms available to rent, Suitable for hunting big and small animals. It remains the freedom of the hunter to use his own choice of rifle or to make use of our readily available rifles for Rental. For futher information on this, kindly fill in the contact form, or Shoot us an email at

Does Uitkomst Hunting Safaris cater for hunters with specific dietary requirements?

Indeed we do. Weather you have a family member as a vegetarian, or whether you as the hunter only prefer specific meats, we do, upon pre-arranged agreement, cater for specific diets. Because we would like you to have the time of your life with us, we are also sensitive towards Food allergies that you, your family or friends might have, and so ask that it be communicated to us before embarking on the hunting trip.

Once landed in South Africa, how do we get to the ranch?

One of our team members will welcome you personally at the airport, and drive you to the Ranch where you will be able to relax from the journey. The drive to the Ranch is more or less three-and-a-half hours, with ample locations for stopping, if in need of something to bite.

What clothing should I pack?

The Hunting Season of South Africa can get cold at the best of times, but moderate warm days can be expected as well. It is well advised to bring comfortable short sleeve clothing, with the necessary warm wear for the early mornings and evenings. Hunting should in all circumstances be done in a strong pair of trousers, as the terrain can get rather thick and thorny at places.

Are their any medical care available in case of an emergency?

Ample hospitals and doctors of world class quality are available 24/7 in the nearest town of Lydenburg which is about 35km away.

What about Taxidermists?

Because we focus on only a few clients, we pride ourselves in handling all the taxidermist requirements of the client. We have excellent relationships with taxidermists and know how to focus on quality. Should you, as the hunter, prefer to use your own choice of taxidermist, either in South Africa or in the US, then you can let us know and we would gladly accompany you in that regard.   

Hunting has opened the earth to me and let me sense
the rhythms and hierarchies of nature.

Charles Fergus