In most cases, the rule of thumb is to travel and to hunt as light as possible. However, there are those rare instances, where a gadget or to comes it extremely handy. Countless inventions has been doing the rounds through the centuries, but here are three gadgets we tend to think comes in as most practical with our hunts.


HD Game and Trail Hunting Camera

Equally useful for both riffle and bow hunting, they proof their worth when you specifically aim for a trophy, and need to monitor more than one water holes.

Tracks in the ground often gives you an indication of the type of species in the area, but when the expectation is that of a proper bull or ram, it is always good to see which animals came to drink and if it would be worth your while to remain and wait at a certain point.



Depending on the environment, which varies greatly in South Africa, these can save you a lot of discomfort. Lots of South African seasoned PH’s and hunters use gaiters as they’ve had their fair share of thorns, twigs, clingy grass, and stones that ended up in their boots.

Should the terrain be fairly flat and clean, you wouldn’t have thought that the use of gaiters was a waste, but in the instance where the terrain proves very difficult, your thankfulness will be exceedingly great.

For those in Instagram mode, it also adds to the professional hunting look and feel.


Shooting stick

Opinions on this vary greatly, as each and every hunter want to present himself as a man who can handle a gun. Shooting sticks are for children and the ladies. But then you have that one moment, where you are really tired of a days tracking, it is just you and the PH, and there are no cameras around. The perfect trophy stands in the perfect position in front of you, but somehow the strength in your left arm has gradually left you.

Whether you use a monopod or a traditional shooting stick, for that moment and all moments afterward, you will appreciate the handiness of this little helper. Technology is great, and the lightest extendable pods are available nowadays, but an old wooden one would not be frowned upon.

Photo by

Rhett Noonan